Size: 16 ounce

Designed to work on both natural wood and wood laminate surfaces, RESTORE-A-CABINET™ is an easy way to protect your cabinets, paneling and finished wood furniture from the damaging effects of UV rays of the sun, wear, food stains, water stains, fingerprints, dust and dirt. Bring back the clean and shiny look of when your wood surfaces were new. Start with our RESTORE-A-FLOOR Concentrated Cleaner for a deep clean then protect and revive the surface with RESTORE-A-CABINET. This product is easy to use and eliminates the need for weekly maintenance. The finish lasts for months!

  • Saves Money - Brings back that 'new' shine, fills in scratches and it protects as it seals
  • Saves Time - Your new finish will last for months
  • You Choose the Shine - One coat will give the surface a satin-type finish, 3-4 coats gives you a high-gloss shine!
  • Easy to Use - No need to rub the product into the surface, gently wipe on and allow to dry before applying another coat
  • Environmentally Friendly - Non-toxic, will not harm children or pet